January 10, 2015

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Hi everyone,

Late Saturday afternoon and I’m relaxing by watching some taped soccer games. This, after an old fashioned bath. I’m lucky to have one of those baths with jets in it that massage the muscles….a whirlpool bath! Not quite the old metal tubs we used, years ago, back in Wales. Actually, my dad built the first bathroom in the row house on the street where we lived. He converted the coal shed. Something everyone did afterwards. So now you know why I consider the shower to be mans greatest invention!

I’m feeling inspired and seem to be writing freely. All as a result of a good band rehearsal today. My guitar is sounding good to me and my voice is strong. Garnet sounded wonderful on drums and Pat likewise on bass. We ended with a band meeting. I try always to give everyone my philosophy as it stands at the moment. Of course it never changes in essentials, but each month or year I tweak my thoughts and let everyone know what I’m thinking so we can all be on the same page.

ALERT! I see Mrs S getting ready for us to go out. We’re heading to our favorite Indian Curry restaurant…so I’ll put this letter on hold and continue later.

I’m back.

Good Indian food is hard to find. I’ve cooked curries for years and do fairly well in the kitchen myself these days. On tour I try the various Indian restaurants around the country. Some are atrocious and some are great. The one we go to in Syracuse is excellent. I’m stuffed.

Curry tip: try the SWAD madras curry powder. It’s great. You can also make up your own curry powder mix. Try Cumin, Coriander and turmeric. They are the basic herbs. You’ll find the SWAD products at Indian grocery stores or maybe even at a good regular grocery place.

Looks like we’re now going to settle in for a Saturday night movie at home. But first! An interview…8 pm on a Saturday night isn’t perfect but it’s probably a radio interview and thus the Saturday night. Four minutes to eight…better sign off again and get back to you afterwards.

Okay. Interview over. That was a blast…..for the Las Vegas show next week…..a blues show. I had fun talking about the past and what I think about the music scene now……”

Don’t start me to talking, I’ll tell everything I know…”

I guess that’s it. Maybe now try to watch that movie…..”Divergent.”

Kim Simmonds

January10, 2015