March 28, 2017

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Hi all,

We’re well into 2017 now and with spring coming on I’m feeling fresh myself!

In February we recorded the new studio album in New Jersey at Showplace Studios. Engineer and owner Ben Elliott did a great job and I think we have a winner. Some are saying it’s my best album in a long time. There will be eleven tracks and I’m really in rocking mood on the new material. Negotiations are going on now and a release date will be set soon.

The gigs are still fun for me and the band is sounding on top form. I play new, old and future songs in the set. I enjoy going to venues I’ve never played before though my favorite is going to gigs where I know everybody and can feel really comfortable. Traveling is tiring for me but Pat and Garnet do the heavy lifting. My wife Debbie takes care of all the paperwork in my life and that is a lot off my shoulders too.

I’m feeling strong and healthy. I exercise everyday…stretches, sits up, push ups and knee bends. Nothing fancy…it all helps. And I’m taking golf back up this year after not playing for quite awhile. By the way, the push ups have been strengthening my wrists which is a nice surprising side effect. That helps my guitar playing (I’ve always had weak wrists).

My favorite food is Indian Curry and I’ve become quite the cook these last few years….curries being something I specialize in. I cook from around the world! Spanish Paella being another signature dish of mine and also (of course) Shepherds Pie.

I’ve gone back to being a library user. I educated myself by reading all my life. The past few years that had dropped off because of computers and new technology. But I found that reading books is a special hobby of mine and there’s really no substitute for me. I read four books a week usually. I like non fiction and fiction. Everything from a murder mysteries to biographies and general history. Actually, I read everything!

I’ll be following the Mets in baseball this year and the Giants in football. Of course, Fulham FC is my soccer team since I was a youngster. Although the first game I ever saw was Crystal Palace playing against Arsenal. My dad took me to that and also to Chelsea. That was a long time ago.

I realized recently that I’ve now lived in the USA longer than my years in the UK. I’m really more American these days than British. Or shall we say I’m a Mid-Atlantic guy.

Thank you for reading this diary entry.

Until next time,

Let music make our lives a little sweeter…

Kim Simmonds