December 2017

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I guess I should first talk about the new album, “Witchy Feelin’”. It reached #1 on the Billboard blues chart.  That was a first for me so that has made me happy.  I see it is doing well on blues radio and the reviews have been excellent. I couldn’t ask for more.
On the album, I tried to be more inventive with the songs…..making them as interesting musically and lyrically as I could. From the first song written, the project took two years. Now, I’m frantically writing songs so I can get a follow up album out in 2018.  It’s looking good. I was afraid of writer’s block, but that has not happened.
My main concern is getting the right blend of blues and rock ‘n’ roll. I could easily do a more traditional blues album but I know listeners like the band, and myself, to change things up.
Next year, my touring schedule will be different from previous years. I’m trying a different approach…one more tailored for where I’m at in life and one that is more in line with my disposition. I’m beating around the bush! OK, I’m going to be playing less, but the gigs I do will hopefully have more meaning!
I am in good health (never felt better) and my family is fine too. I have two older children and a younger twenty three year old. We all live in separate areas of the country, so life is mostly Mrs. S and myself living a somewhat isolated country life. I make it sound idyllic….we do have a successful marriage. The first half of my life was being successful with my career…the second half has been spotlighted on a successful private life.
So, I’m a lucky and blessed man. Not without my trials and tribulations (we all have those), but I believe in hard work and that hard work will lead you to a level of success that will make you comfortable.
My habits are:  daily song writing first thing in the morning while I’m still fresh (and that is EVERYDAY) and I’m painting every week.
Hopefully, as you read this, you can turn to my paintings on the merchandise page and check out what I have for sale. At least, write to [email protected] and leave a comment. Feedback is always good. Or, write if you have questions you need answered.
As I write this, I have two gigs left in this year. I’ve been playing my Les Paul and have been getting a tone that has eluded me since the 1990’s. A guitar sound starts in your head and can get lost in your head!  Playing guitar is a wonderful way to express yourself. Like all art, it shouldn’t be mechanical and all about technique. It has to have feeling, emotion and above all…honesty.
The best art is honest. One of the best human traits is honesty. One of the hardest things to learn is how to be honest.
In art and probably life, we shouldn’t hide behind pretensions. There’s so much of that around, especially in music. A little fun is great but, personally, I like little affectation in music.  Musicians that are honest and straightforward are those I gravitate towards and try to emulate.
Have yourselves a great Christmas and New Year. Follow me on Twitter or simply write to [email protected].  If you don’t get a reply, don’t take it personally, but we would like to hear from you directly (if you are not a social media type).
Many thanks,
Kim Simmonds
Central New York
December 2017