August 2018

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Hi everyone,

In a couple of weeks, I start up a series of gigs that will take me to the end of the year. Sixteen gigs at the present moment and maybe a couple more to be added. That’s light compared to the past and I’m happy with that.
Am I getting lazy in my old age? No, I’m not ever retiring! I’m on this train ‘till the end…..
I haven’t played California, Florida or Texas this year. I do like those states and let’s see if I can get to some of their cities next year.
I’ve been re-releasing older albums on my own record label, Panache, and I’ve been happy to turn people on to those who weren’t aware of them in the first place — albums such as “You Should Have Been There”. The recordings “Strange Dream” and “Out of the Blue” (a solo album) will come out nationally next year. I have written the next studio band album and material for another solo album. I’m thinking of next year to record and release those.
This past week, I’ve been cataloging my paintings and will have my art site up soon.  I’m trying to distill a hundred paintings down to twenty good ones!  Just like writing songs…….
Rehearsals with the band have been going well and there will be two old songs added to the set for the coming gigs. That should freshen things up. They are songs that I’ve rarely played before.  I’ve rebooted “Train to Nowhere” as well. That has been a standard over the years and I’ve re-discovered how I used to play it years ago. Actually, the “Facebook Guy” reminded me of that fact……so kudos to him. Often, an old “catalog” song develops away from the original start place and needs to be brought back to square one or, perhaps, that old song needs re-thinking. It’s always fun to keep re-evaluating song material.
Next year, I do a festival and a few club gigs in the UK. I’ll hope to visit family in Wales at that time. So, it will be a fun trip all the way around.
I hope some of you can make one of the upcoming shows and don’t forget … “music makes your life a little sweeter”.
Kim Simmonds
Central New York
August 2018