September ‘18

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The next studio album is now scheduled for release next year. Perhaps around August. I’ve written the material but have given myself more time so as to be in a more solid position once we go into the studio – I’m still writing, so something new could always break into the mix.

Gigs have been going well. I’ve been enjoying the quieter pace and my playing has been better because of it. At least I feel better. Much more relaxed. And I get to spend more time at home which is therapeutic for me.

I’ve been enjoying reading books, fiction, non-fiction and historical from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. I think the standard of writing was better, generally, back then. But that is a personal opinion. Perhaps the older style simply appeals to me. Having said that, I’m not sure anyone would quibble with the fact that Somerset Maugham was pretty good! But there were so many others; famous at the time but now long since forgotten. Michael Arlen, John P Marquand are two that I read.

I discover a lot of authors, hitherto unknown to me, through thrift store shopping. And the library is a good source too. I usually choose a book that jumps out at me (funny how that kind of thing happens) and a paragraph will usually tell me immediately how the author writes and if I’m going to enjoy the book.

World War Two has always been a subject that has interested me. My father served in the Navy and I recall from early childhood playing with his medals and going through his photographs from that time period. I guess it made an impression.

If you were a guest in our house you’d hear the solid gold oldies channel playing music in the background. Right now Crazy Elephant is doing “Gimme Gimme Good Loving”. It used to be the jazz channel but we’ve been getting nostalgic lately.

For song writing inspiration I listen to perennial favorites of mine, mostly from the 60’s blues or roots rock world. Otis Rush, J.J. Cale etc. I did watch the Cream re-union performance at The Albert Hall a few weeks back and I found that inspiring. I got some good ideas for my own live show. I guess I’m still locked into the 60’s.

I travel to Minneapolis this weekend for a gig with John Kay/Steppenwolf, and Eric Burden. Doesn’t get more 60’s than that.

Let music make your life a little sweeter,

Kim Simmonds
September ‘18