January 30, 2020

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The new year has started well.  I took the band to the UK for a tour that included the Skegness blues festival, London and the capital of Wales, Cardiff.

Cardiff was fun and I felt very much at home with the home country fans and people I met.  I saw my own personality reflected in everyone.  In London I met a couple of old band mates and that was a very nice feeling.  I do think about the past quite a bit…because these days there is so much of it.In the London audience were people from many foreign countries who had traveled specifically to see the show.  I spoke to quite a few afterwards and that was a good feeling.All together it was a five show tour, one that I really enjoyed. Check out the recent video from the tour on the “Live” page,

Of course the UK weather didn’t help, it being winter, and I came back with a cold.  Luckily it wasn’t a heavy one and now I’m getting back on my feet and in good shape for the Texas tour coming up in a week or so.  Some good gigs there including Sam’s Burger Bar.  Now that will be “down home”.Check out the tour dates and hopefully you can make it to a show.
After that I’ll be taking the band into the studio to record the next album.  I have eleven songs plus a hundred in reserve!  Hopefully we can get the album released this fall to coincide with the 55th anniversary of the group’s existence.I don’t remember a lot about those early rehearsal days back in the winter of ’65. What I do remember will be in my autobiography that I’m still in the process of finishing.  

Plans for the band later this year include a west coast tour and an east coast tour.  A return to Europe next year, 2021, is on the table too.
I seem to play different guitars every month. The change keeps me inspired.  This month I’m back to my late ’70’s Gibson 335.  Can’t beat the tone on that one.I have two Gibson flying V guitars and I’ll switch to both of those sometime this year.  As you know I have a history with that model instrument starting in 1968.

This weekend I’ll be looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday.   Pizza and wings etc.  No counting calories or watching the cholesterol level!Talking of cholesterol…I’m in good health.  Enjoying my tea throughout the day and happy to wake each morning.

I hope you too are doing well and that you can make a gig sometime in the future.

Let music enrich our lives,
Kim SimmondsNY, USA