Web site letter 5/21

Posted by sitemanager Category: Diary

Hello everyone,

     Summer has finally arrived in the New York north country.  The weather in my area goes from a cold rainy, spring season one day into full blown summer the next.  There’s very little in-between.

I was wearing a sweater a few days ago….now shorts and sun cream.

     I still haven’t played an audience show since the start of the COVID pandemic.  The band did do a live show, in the studio, a couple of weeks ago for release as a pay per view sometime next month.  That’s still in post production.  It was a casual performance (headphones for everyone) and I think, if the results are to everyone’s satisfaction, will be a good show for everyone to see.

       My first gig will be next month with Foghat and I’m hoping there are no post pandemic glitches that might lead to a cancellation on that one.  Otherwise, my gig schedule ramps up in August / September.  My guitar playing is in fine form and I’m fit and healthy.  I’m ready for an audience!