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Hi Everyone,

I’ve been thinking about the changes around here brought about by the pandemic.

  1. Mrs S works from home now (travel agent).  Among other things, that meant last winter she didn’t have to commute on bad winter roads.  
  2. Mrs S bakes our own bread (she has a large and a small machine)….so simple to do that way and we rarely buy a commercial loaf anymore.  It’s delicious…and healthier.
  3. My guitar playing has improved…all the woodshedding I’ve  been able to do.  It hasn’t come easy and I’m only now seeing the benefits.  Fascinating development.  
  4. My golf game has improved!  See above.
  5. My health has improved (physical and mental) as, for one thing, I’ve come to realize how my lack of sleep over the years has contributed to my state of mind.  I’ve addressed that better with my Drs help and now I sleep 7 hrs, sometimes more.  Let’s see what working on the road does to that in the future!
  6. My bank account is severely lower.

Must be a lot more I’m missing but that’s a start…