Feb 25, 2022

Posted by sitemanager Category: Diary

Hi everyone,

I’m doing well but I’m fighting an illness and we’re now looking at starting up gigging in June.

It’s a disappointment for all of us here to say the least.

In the meantime, without being able to gig, I’ve been transitioning into a concurrent career…musician-painter.

I’ve been painting for over twenty years and have kept that “behind the scenes” until very recently.

I’m not forgetting the music and I will be making a new studio album in the spring, once the winter weather breaks which will be released this year.

All my paintings are priced, often at a sale price.  Many are vintage and you can get more information via the contact page by writing to Debbie for more details.

I regularly post images on on this website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I’m happy to say they are selling and I would like to say thank you to collectors and fans for buying them.

It makes me feel good that people like them and are are willing to support my endeavors.

Join me in the journey. 

Kim Simmonds 


NY February 2022