April 22, 2022

Posted by sitemanager Category: Diary
Hello to everyone,
As you know my poor health has changed the trajectory of my life and nowadays I spend most of my time at home with occasional trips outside.
Within those constrictions I’m doing quite well.
I paint inside with a view of my backyard out of my “studio” window to give me inspiration and a short walk takes me to my music studio.
I record songs in my studio and then download the files into the system at Subcat Studios.  Last week I was there and we have eight songs loaded for the next Savoy Brown album.
I’ll finish off six more songs next week, take them to the studio and that will be it…..fourteen songs to choose from to make up perhaps a twelve song release.
In May the album will be completed…once again featuring Pat on bass, Garnet on drums and yours truly on lead guitar and vocals.  I’ll also be playing the rhythm parts….there’s a surprise in that department but I’ll keep that to myself until you hear the album yourself.
I’ve been mostly using my Les Paul and also a Dean Zelinsky guitar.  Dean makes great guitars.
I do intend to do a few gigs this year…..it’d be great fun to be on stage again and to play for you.
As regards my painting, that is going along fine.  I’m doing the usual abstracts, still lifes and landscapes.
Painting and playing music is a great blessing that I truly appreciate at this time.
There’s new art available to buy on the KS Art page….new and vintage paintings.
It’s a great chance for you to own something I’ve created that will be quite unique to hang on your wall.
For me painting is a challenge as is writing a new song.
Small abstracts  (16” x 20” / 18” x 24”) that I’m doing are difficult because of the relatively small space in which to make a statement.  When you paint large with an abstract, the slash of a black stroke somehow makes a bold statement that attracts the eye.
I have those large abstracts but the smaller ones I’m able to put in your hands at a reasonable price plus free frame and shipping!
And, of course, here you are buying direct from the artist which also makes it very affordable.
So, look for more art as the year progresses AND a brand new Savoy Brown album that I believe is going to sound great!
All the best,
NY April 2022