Important News Update

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Gigs, health and new album
I’ve had to cancel the remaining gigs for this year so I think this is a good time to let everyone know what is going on.
For close to a year now I’ve been battling stage 4 colon cancer.  I was diagnosed with “signet cell” colon cancer (SCCC). It’s a very rare form that accounts for no more than 1% of cases. SCCC is rarely found early enough to provide a chance for cure. 
I’ve been receiving Chemotherapy and that has made it hard for me to play gigs.  One of the side effects is peripheral neuropathy which has now deadened the nerves in my fingers and hands (feet too).
Chemotherapy has  been an ongoing reality in my life since the first diagnosis and surgery last September.  It has kept me going with a decent quality of life.  I’m very grateful for that and all the superb health care I’ve received locally as well as the unending support of my wife, family and friends.
Luckily there is a new album coming out in a few months time that I was able to finish back in the spring.  Some of the tracks were “in the bag” prior to my illness.  I also switched to slide guitar on others which was, and is, easier to play with my current condition.  I’m super happy with all the songs and I believe you will be too upon listening.
My days of playing live are limited going forward but I have the new album coming out and I have also many more songs in the studio files that I intend to release as time evolves.
I’m sorry I won’t be seeing any of you live on stage this year but in the meantime there are plenty of YouTube performances from over the years for everyone to watch.  
Good luck to you all and best wishes,
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Kim Simmonds
NY August 2022