February 2014 – NY

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I like the traditional approach I took with the new band album Going To The Delta album. And I think I have one more like this in me. In fact, I’ve already written quite a few new songs along the same kind of style.So far the reviews have been favorable and feedback from people that already have a copy has been excellent.

Now, on my next solo album, I have taken off in a completely new direction all together!So, if nothing else, it should make for interesting listening to those that follow my progress.

I have always had a problem with my nerves and that is why I got into trouble with my drinking years ago (I’ve been a teetotaler for 20 years).The reason I bring this up is that my nerves have propelled me artistically through the years and I can translate them into extra energy. I certainly haven’t stood still.But it does make other areas of my life difficult. Often when I get home after touring I find it impossible to calm down. Of course there is medicine but I take no pills whatsoever and I’d like to keep things that way until the day comes when they are absolutely necessary.Mrs S is the one who has to put up with me!

My date sheet this year looks very good and it looks like I’ll also be on this summer’s Blues/Rock tour with Johnny and Edgar Winter (among others). That was fun in 2012. Edgar’s band back me up and I play a maximum of 25 mins! It certainly makes me concentrate on getting my point across. I’ll open the show and I like that (even though all the seats might not be filled)…it worked for me the last time I did this tour. I’m fresh and the audience is too.
We’re also working on placing some solo acoustic gigs in the calendar this year and for that I’m thinking of adding a second guitarist to play rhythm thus allowing me to do what I’m best at….soloing.

We have freshened up the web site and I hope you like it. Ian does a great job for us and I’m grateful to have him included in the Savoy team.
Florida is up next on the touring horizon and then a month of dealing with winter… driving around the eastern states.

If you catch a show you’ll see me using my Zion guitar…the one I used on the new album. It’s one of the early models the company made when they first started. I believe it has changed hands since those days. It was ( and maybe still is) a company run with a Christian ethic. I like that. And It certainly is a well made instrument.

Well, I’d better go back now to trying to relax!

All the best,
Kim Simmonds