January 9, 2015

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Hi everyone,

I’ll be writing a daily diary for the next couple of weeks to go along with the west coast tour that starts in Phoenix AZ on Tuesday.

Tonight (Sunday) I’ve been packing my suitcase and getting myself psyched up for the coming gigs. Now that’s done, I can relax and watch the movie “Transcendence “. It’s pretty good. A little weird. Technology takes over the world!

Tomorrow there are band rehearsals. I have an old song I’d like to try that I’ve never actually sung myself before, so I hope it works out and I can surprise the audience.

It’s freezing here in the north east so leaving for California, Nevada and Arizona sounds like the best plan we’ve had for awhile.

On Monday the traveling begins with a flight that takes us via Chicago. Let’s hope the weather co-operates and we and our instruments arrive on time.There’s always quite a bit of preparation before a tour like this.

Travel arrangements are complicated and tensions are high. Everyone gets a little jittery.Looking ahead, on Monday morning, before I leave the house, I’ll be on a conference call with Ruff Records to talk about the next studio album release. We have a title and a very good song to go along with it. It looks like the album will be released in conjunction with a late October European tour.

I’ve got a back stock of songs so I should be good for at least another couple of releases after this next one!Look for another diary entry tomorrow night,

Kim Simmonds

January 9 2015