January 14, 2015

Posted by sitemanager Category: Diary

Hi everyone,

My first diary note today was accidentally erased so I’m quickly going to recap before I have to move on.

Well, the first show is under our belt…..Tuesday, Rhythm Room, Phoenix. And what a show it was. Packed club (I’m happy to say) and the band played great.

Traveling Monday was a pain, with bad weather making for a 14 hour day. But we always leave a day before the first show…..good logistics there.

The usual morning on tour goes like this…..breakfast at 9am and hit the road at 10am….after the local traffic has calmed down. At breakfast we talk about the show before and the people we met….yes, you! That’s always fun unless something bad happened…then it’s more like a post mortem.
We usually show up at venues at 4pm for a sound check…..eat and then normally show times are at 8pm.
There you have a day on tour.

Today, I move on with the guys to Las Vegas. A night off tonight before four gigs in a row. Tomorrow, in the day, we’ll do some tourist stuff around Vegas. Do I gamble? I’ll have some fun with the “one armed bandits” but I’m not a gambling man.

I tried an old classic song from the bands 60’s catalog but it didn’t work out for me.
We all thought it was okay but it was more a period piece and didn’t seem to really come to life……that happens. I won’t give up on it, but will leave it for another day.

As a change, I did play “Daybreak” from the “Steel” album as an electric/acoustic and I thought it came off quite good.

I’d like to write more but I’m going to meet Garnet for a half hour lounge by the pool before we leave at 11am this morning.

I know most of you think this isn’t work…..but…..it is work……okay, I’m not convincing anybody!

Kim Simmonds
Phoenix, January 2015