February 2015

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Hi everyone,

Here’s the “State of Savoy Brown” letter!

Starting this year with a spruce up of the web site. It’ll be ongoing with new photos being added and other fun stuff.

2014 was an excellent year for the band. “Going to the Delta” was well received and now, this year, I’ve started off with a live release and a solo studio effort. The latter two are only available at this web site and at live shows. Eventually fuller distribution will be made.

And, currently, I’m preparing for a new album to be released later this year on Ruf Records…continuing my relationship with that label, hopefully for a very long time to come.

My recent January west coast tour was one of the most enjoyable in that region for quite some time. Unfortunately I caught a chest/throat cold towards the end of the tour and that distracted me, but I was able to continue on and I finished strongly….with the aid of medicine I always carry with me. After a tour like that, when I get home, I have to recuperate….even if I return healthy. Usually it’s a good week before I can get back on my feet.

But don’t think I’m old and withered! I still have my health and energy. Where does it come from? The former, good genes I guess…and a little understanding of survival….and good measure of luck.The energy? Born with it….I’ve cultivated it (caffeine!)….and I’ve been blessed with it.And I have always kept fit, always have had a diet plan (some years that’s worked better than others) and a moderate lifestyle.

I don’t work as much as I did in my teens, twenties and thirties. I made a lifestyle change, starting in my forties. Life really began for me, personally, once I got to that age. Professionally, of course, I hit the ground running at seventeen.

As I grew older my I embraced that a slower pace. I have had a country life (okay, I live in the sticks) for years and that has helped to balance the hectic first part of my career. That doesn’t mean it’s been easy sailing of course…I’ve worked especially hard all my life. I think that is an important ingredient for me. I work very hard these days too….just not as much.

I still love playing the guitar….searching for a sound that I can “feel”. I’m the kind of player where that “feel” constantly changes and it leads me to a lifelong search for sounds that reflect my current state of mind and heart.

It’s my fiftieth year anniversary with Savoy Brown. I thought those kinds of things happened to other people. Well, it’s happened to me.

Thank you for being on this journey with me, some of you from the start and those of you who gave joined I along the way.

Best wishes,

Kim Simmonds