November 2015

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I’m in the midst of a European tour. I left Monday and immediately came across the bane of travelers … a cancelled plane flight. Seven hours later we started again and then, quite easily, I found myself in Frankfurt, Germany.

The hotel was very comfortable and after the first day of acclimation we drove to the first the show in Dortmond.There was double the crowd to when I last played the club (three or four years ago) so, of course, that made everyone happy.

The next day we drove to Lindewerra and Thomas Ruf of Ruf Records cooked a meal for everyone at his house! The show that night was in his hometown and he, himself, was the promoter. It’s something he does a few times a year … benefitting the community and the the touring bands,
I had to get up the next day, after just a few hours sleep and was driven the whole day to Switzerland.

I take sleep enhancers on the road, when I travel (especially going through time zones) and that pretty much puts me on local time straightaway. You have to do that otherwise your internal time clock goes haywire … and one doesn’t want to be falling asleep on stage!

Oh, and I did have a meeting with Thomas Ruf about next year’s album release. We both agreed I have to do something a little different next time. I have to keep things interesting. So that’s taking up a lot of my thinking …. quite how to push the envelope whilst not losing the blues …… shouldn’t be a problem ….. after all, it ain’t my first rodeo!

Wait …. there’s more:
Rehearsed a couple of new songs at sound check last night and they sound good. Sort of progressive blues. Now, another night has passed and I’m on an even longer drive from Switzerland to Hannover in northern Germany. The weather has been rainy for two days and I’m hoping for a let-up today. I hear it’s snowing back home in northern New York State. Last night was the best band performance of the first three shows. I guess it took a couple of shows to blow the cobwebs away. Normally I like a break after three gigs but this tour starts with five in a row. So far, so good.

I do a number of things to keep amused while touring. It’s a bit like being an actor …. you spend loads of time waiting …. and waiting …. until you have to perform. So I read, listen to music, write, do crosswords and take a pack of cards and play Solitaire.

And there’s more ……
Just finished the fifth gig ….. wow, what an intense schedule. Not for the faint of heart. But the challenge is wonderful and, of course, the pressure produces results. Each night got better than the previous one ….. but now I’m looking forward to a little more sleep tonight!

Best wishes,
Kim Simmonds