December 31, 2016 / January 1, 2017

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Hi Everyone,

We’re coming to the end of 2016……quite a year if we take in the number of musicians who passed away, the political turmoil and my personal health scare. I guess every year has its own share of surprises but I won’t be forgetting 2016 in a hurry!

As regards the band’s playing schedule, it’s been a good year with some notable gigs. Don’t ask me to remember any of them right now….I’m just doing my best to write a few words….and if I single out one show, it’ll exclude another and they ALL have been good in their own way.

Anyway, I’m hoping that this short letter will be an ongoing thing through 2017. I’ve promised to write twice a month.

I’ve set down the guitar over the holidays and won’t pick one up until the second week in January. It’s good to take a break. But I still have to be creative and so I’ve been loosely sketching and studying the impressionist painter, Sisley….how can he be so brilliant and yet understated?! That’s a good lesson for us guitar players to learn….at least for ME to learn.

Though that is what people like about my playing…my “go for it” character.

Over on Twitter I write each day. I like the platform as a way of touching base with people. I don’t embrace the whole of the social world….that would be too much for me. Actually, for me, it’s a bit like life…you take what you like and leave the rest….here’s an analogy: it’s like going to a buffet. Don’t stuff yourself with everything!

It’s actually New Years Day now…I started writing yesterday. I did make a New Years resolution… be more mindful. Yes, a very general resolution…..I should be able to keep that!

I hope you make a resolution in your own lives that is meaningful to you and one that you keep this year…after all, time is running out and we all can improve in some way or another. Right?

Thanks for reading and I’ll write again soon.

Kim Simmonds

January 2017